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For A Great Morning After


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The Second Best Way To Prevent A Hangover

Swipe is a whole food blend that works with your body before and after drinking.


Our innovative formula addresses the three main factors leading to a hangover – acetaldehyde accumulation, electrolyte depletion and inflammation.


Swipe is designed to be taken before or after you drink as it helps homeostasis, or the body's ability to self-correct.


Keeps You Safe While You’re Enjoying Your Favorite Drink

Swipe is a unique natural nutrient that keeps you protected and replenished from the harmful effects of Alcohol. The potent 10gms of natural nutrients in one sachet acts as a diuretic and keeps your body hydrated and protects it from Acetaldehyde and Denatured alcohol, the toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism which cause intoxication and hangover. It also helps the liver regenerate enzymes that break down alcohol molecules so you can get back to your regular healthy life as fast as possible.

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Swipe™ is Fresh, Friendly and Sweet, without the Sugar

Swipe contains potent active wholefood nutrients that your body recognises and can easily absorb, including Ginger Extract, Curcumin, Activated Coconut Charcoal, Milk Thistle and Lemon Oils etc.

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Why Swipe Works

Swipe™ works with your body's physiology. When your body reacts to alcohol, it produces acetaldehyde, a nasty substance that kicks in the whole hangover process. The cells in your body, in your liver, pancreas and eyes start to become inflamed, and when the cells get inflamed, your body stops absorbing water properly. You feel physically dishevelled.

With Swipe™ as your last drink, the ingredients in Swipe™ stop a hangover even before it kicks in. Therefore, Swipe™ is not a treatment; it's prevention. It's the second-best way to prevent a hangover; the first is not to drink at all.

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Get Swipe

Swipe is the perfect product for anyone who wishes to have a worry free hangover with minimal after effects, improve your overall well-being, reduce the severity of hangovers, and enjoy more alcoholic beverages with improved liver protection.

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